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VU7LD Press Release 9



December 9 , 2006

Second batch of 6 operators VU2GMN Gopal,VU2LX Lakshman,VU3SPQ Sunny,VU3RSB Sara,VU3ELR Sashi,VU2SJD Sanjay sail to Kavaratti to join the other operators who have been there since the 30th of November.

We are aware of issues with the published online logs where the mode and band have in some cases been wrong, also a couple of logs from a few sessions were not published on the web. We are working to rectify that in the next log update expected latest around the 20th of December.

A number of constructive suggestions have been received from the international DX community and we have taken note of the suggestions and information has already been passed on to the operators who are working to implement as many of them as is feasible.


Stay tuned

73, de Gopal VU2GMN