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VU7LD Press Release 6



November 25 2006

We have got all clearances for the remaining 17 operators and so everything is now set for operation during the whole month of December.

As announced earlier the first batch sails on the 29th November and will be QRV from 1st December.

The second batch leaves on the 9th December and there will be a couple of days overlap between the first and second batches.
The third batch will leave for Kavaratti between the 17th and 23rd December depending on final sailing schedules.

A second set of equipment and supplies has been shipped out by sea yesterday and one more is going in the next couple of days.

We have received support from a group of hams from Japan and their call signs will be on the webpage later today.
The German DX foundation is also supporting us- our thanks to all. It is very much appreciated.

Our next release will be when the stations are QRV

Stay tuned

73, de Gopal VU2GMN