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VU7LD Press Release 11



December 22 , 2006

Just a few days left for VU7LD to complete their work on Kavaratti Island in Lakshadweep.

After VU2LX, VU3ELR, VU3SPQ and VU2GMN returned to the mainland yesterday, there are VU2NKS, VU3IZO, VU3RGP, VU3RSB, VU2PJP and VU2RCR left to work the remaining days, wind up and transport the equipment back to the mainland.

In spite of propagation not being at its best, several solar flares and multiple power outages, the team has managed almost 50K QSO’s and we hope to up the number during the last few sessions, especially in digital modes. There was also a huge lightning strike on the island a few days ago that destroyed several television sets, refrigerators etc and the team is very fortunate that we were not affected and no damage to equipment took place.

The transfer of logs to the mainland for updating the webpage has been a problem but VU2ZAP and VU2SJD have been working very hard to sort out the many errors and partials that have been brought to our notice and updating the online logs. VU2ZAP has also been diligently answering all mail regarding errors and we expect that most of the issues will be sorted out completely.

There will be more releases later.

Stay tuned

73, de Gopal VU2GMN