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VU7LD Press Release 5



November 18 2006

All heavy equipment and supplies were loaded onto MSV Abbas from Mangalore and has sailed this morning to Kavaratti.

Pictures of the boat that is carrying the stuff being loaded and sailing away are on our newly introduced photo gallery on the webpage We will add more pictures as they become available. More information is also now on the webpage regarding support received etc.

We are very happy to have received confirmation of support from NCDXF. Their logo is now on our webpage. This will go a long way for our operation. Our thanks to the NCDXF and others who are supporting us.

Tickets on the ship to Lakshadweep are very difficult now as it is the Hajj season and Hajj travelers get priority. However tickets are in hand for the first batch of operators and the setup team and they leave by the MV Bharat Seema which departs from Kochi port on the 29th November AM. It will reach Kavaratti on the 30th morning giving just a day to get all stations QRV.
The second batch will leave around the 12th December, the exact date depending on the ship sailing schedule and a third batch around the 22nd December 2006.

Stay tuned

73, de Gopal VU2GMN