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Date:  27 – 28 April  2024

Duration:   Sat 27 Apr 12:00 UTC to Sun 28 Apr 12:00 UTC (Sat 17:30 IST  to Sun 17:30  IST)

Important: The operators have to strictly adhere to their emission mode in accordance to their category of license.

Objective: Promote contesting and participation of Rookies in VU land.

Bands – HF Bands: 40, 20, 15, 10 M

Mode – SSB only


  • SB – Single Band
  • AB – All Band

Contest Rules:

  • Contact as many stations as possible
  • Rookie – Any Radio Amateur who  license is less than 5 years old.

Contest Points:

  • Each QSO with “VU” hams is 1 QSO Point and DX hams is considered as 2 QSO points
  • QSOs with special stations will be awarded 10 points per band
  • Multiplier points
    • VU QSO for each State – 1 Multiplier once for every band; For example – if a station in Bangalore, say VU3GDS, contacts VU2UUU from Delhi once on 40m, 20m, 15m and 10m then 4 multipliers are awarded
    • The total points is the sum of all QSO points multiplied by the number of multipliers accumulated.

Log Submission:

  • QSO logging should be in UTC time only.
  • Log submission will be due in 7 days time from the date of contest conclusion.
  • All participants are encouraged to use software logging and submit the log in cabrillo format only.
  • Paper logs will not be accepted.
  • Logs to be sent as email attachments to with their callsign marked in the subject line.


  • Winners in each category will receive a Plaque
  • Mementos to all participants with at least 25 valid QSOs
  • Downloadable e-Certificates to all participants who submit their log