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Affiliated Clubs

The following clubs are affiliated to ARSI and are listed in the order of the date of their affiliation.

We encourage all HAM Radio clubs across India to join ARSI and help us grow HAM Radio interest.

  1. VU2IIH – Indian Institute of Hams, Bangalore, Karnataka
  2. VU2ARC – Bangalore Amateur Radio Club, Bangalore, Karnataka
  3. VU2BK – Mount Abu International Ham Radio Club, Mount Abu, Rajastan
  4. VU2BPA – Mumbai Amateur Radio Institute, Mumbai, Maharastra
  5. VU2GIN – Amateur Radio Convention & Conference Samity, Kolkata, West Bengal
  6. VU2RDO – Mangalore Amateur Radio Club, Mangalore, Karnataka
  7. VU2ECB – Disaster Amateur Radio Emergency Services (DARES), Mumbai, Maharastra
  8. VU2LCI – Lions Club International Amateur Radio Club, Bangalore, Karnataka
  9. VU2ISL – Dhruva Space Amateur Radio Club
  10. VU2THR – Tripura Ham Radio Club, Agartala West, Tripura