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ARSI 40M CQ VU CW Contest

ARSI 40M CQ VU CW Contest

Objective: To promote 40M CW activity.

Date: 7 – 8 Dec 2024

Duration: 7 Dec 7:30 PM IST to 8 Dec 7:30 PM IST

Contest Rules:

  • Any licensed ham can participate in the contest
  • Logs should be sent to contest manager within a week after the contest in Cabrillo format
  • All participants logging at least 20 contacts will receive certificates
  • This is a low power (<=100W) CW only contest.
  • Hams using home-brewed equipment will be considered as separate category and will be specially awarded. Such entry shall mention equipment details and photos along with the log submission.
  • Report exchange shall be serial number starting with 001
  • Though this contest is only for VU, any DX contacts in the log will get 2 QSO multiplier points

Log Submission

  • QSO logging should be in UTC time only.
  • Log submission will be due in 7 days time from the date of contest conclusion.
  • All participants are encouraged to use software logging and submit the log in cabrillo format only.
  • Paper logs will not be accepted.
  • Logs to be sent as email attachments to with their callsign marked in the subject line.

Important for field operation:
Carry your Amateur Radio License copy along with a printed copy of the following PDF in case any Government authorities question you on wireless operation in a public place.