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40m CQVU contest

Objective: For promoting regional interest on 40m contacts this 24hr VU only contest will be organized. (7:30 pm to 7:30 pm IST)

CQVU SSB (31st March 7:30 PM IST to 1st April 7:30 PM IST)

CQVU CW (1st December 7:30 PM IST to 2nd December 7:30 PM IST)

1. Any licensed ham can participate in the contest
2. Logs should be sent to contest manager within a week after the contest in Cabrillo format
3. All participants logging atleast 20 contacts will receive certificates
4. This is low power (<=100W) and SSB or CW only contest. I.e. there will be two 40 mtr contests, one for SSB and another for CW mode during the year.
5. Hams using Homebrewed rigs will be considered as separate category and special award will be provided. Such entry shall mention rig details and photo along with the log submission.
6. Exchange shall be serial number starting with 001
7. Though this contest is only for VU, Any DX contacts in the log will get 2 QSO multiplier points

Note: All participants are encouraged to use software logging and submit the log in cabrillo format only.
If you are very new to contesting and have done less than 20 QSOs, you may also submit the log in excel format (click this link).
This format has been provided only for encouraging new comers and maximizing the submissions.