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Important WPC Related Documents

Letter from the Prime Minister’s Office regarding Mobility Permission

The letter is a response to a “Public Grievance Letter” sent to the Prime Minister’s Office by Shri. Gopal Madhavan, VU2GMN.

The letter clarifies that the information is forwarded to the Wireless unit of DoT and the DoT authorities, who have responded that “in order to simplify operations of Amateur stations in India , an OM NO.P-11015/01/2019-COP dated:07/06/2019 already has been issued.”

GMN-Grievance-PMO-Response-11 March 2020

Office Memorandum
P-11015-01-2019-COP, Dated 07/06/2019

Simplifying operations of Amateur Radio Stations, allowing to operate anywhere in India except those locations restricted by the GoI from time-to-time.

OM NO.P-11015.01.2019-COP dated:07.06.2019

National Frequency Allocation Plan-2018

Published by the Wireless Planning and Coordination Wing, Government of India, Ministry of Communications, Department of Telecommunications

NFAP 2018

Office Memorandum
R-110145-03-2015-PP, Dated 10/03/2016

Regarding the removal of the security clearance by the MoHA for the issue of Amateur License to applicants from most parts of the country, barring J & K, NE States and LWE affected areas.


Office Memorandum
L-14011/255/2004-AMT, Dated 13/08/2010

Guidelines notified through the Memorandum dated 13th August 2010
Please note the reclassification of Operator-class on page-1 and the frequency allocation on page 4 & 5.