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VHF Hill Topping History

VHF Hill Topping History







The Bangalore Vhf group conducted the First VHF Hill Topping in Dec 1985 as an exercise to explore the various hills around Bangalore and a feasibility study to put up a VHF Repeater, VU2RSB was formed and the first repeater was installed at Nandi Hills in 1987.

5 teams set out to the following locations

Nandi Hills    VU2POP, VU2GGM
Chamundi Hills    VU2CAP, VU2RAV
B R Hills      VU2TS, VU2WP
Tala Kaveri / Bramhagiri VU2ZAP, VU2AK, VU2GUY
Doddabetta      VU2JX, VU2RPS, VU2DVP, VU2NTA

To encourage VHF DXing in Contest style, it was planned to revive Hill Topping as a Contest for Ham Teams to operate, exploring new summits, experimenting with various kinds of antennas, contacting various Grid locations across.

We had the 1st successful Hill Topping Contest event in January 2013.