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VU4PB DXpedition

ARSI organized a dxpedition VU4PB to Andaman Islands – Port Blair March 15th to 31st 2011. A 17 person team distributed across two weeks split up into four stations working 24 hours a day 7 days a week on all bands and modes.


VU7LD DXpedition

ARSI organized a dxpedition VU7LD to Kavaratti Island in Lakshadweep during December 2006. A 23 person team spent almost the whole of December 2007, split up into four stations working 24 hours a day 7 days a week on all bands and modes, and made about 58,000 contacts. The expedition was very well received by the DX community as till then VU7 was the second most wanted entity in the DX world.

IOTA activations

AS-096, St Mary’s island in the state of Karnataka was activated o the 1st of February 1992 by a group of 8 hams lead by the late Nagesh, VU2NUD and VU2BMS/DL2GAC.

AS-096 was again activated in May 2001 by Amateur Radio enthusiasts of Manipal and Mangalore in south coastal Karnataka, led by VUIOTA Group.

In 2001, Sagar island AS-153 was activated by The Calcutta VHF Amateur Radio Society.

AS-161 IOTA from the Sacrifice Rock, India was successfully activated on the 26th and the 27th January 2002 by a group led by VUIOTA Group.

AS-169, Elephanta Island off the coast of Mumbai was activated by VU2NXM, Basappa and VU2UR, Arasu on 26th March 2004.

AS-173, Pamban island in south India was activated on 23rd August 2004 by VU2VIT(Vittal), VU2KGN(Nadarajan), VU2LR(Satya),VU2GUR(Guru), VU3RRU(Mandarselvan), VU2NDR(Dorai),VU3WIA(Rajan),VU2UR(Arasu), VU3YFD(Prasad), VU2RMJ(Ramaraju), VU2FBI(Ravi) and guest operator VU2SWS(Sarla).

For the first time in the history of ham radio in India, 6 headquarter stations took part in the IARU HF Contest held on the weekend of 10th & 11th of July 2004. The WPC gave a special call sign of AT4HQ for this event. Participants were Sarla-VU2SWS(AT4HQA), Arasu-VU2UR(AT4HQB), Pai-VU2PAI(AT4HQC), Suhas-VU2SMN(AT4HQD), Basappa – VU2NXM (AT4HQG) and Datta-VU2DSI(AT4HQH).