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CQVU 40 Mixed Mode Contest – Sprint

Objective – Promote VU hams to work other hams using as many modes as possible.

When? – 22nd Dec 2018 7PM – 9PM IST and 23rd Dec 2018 7AM – 9AM IST

What Modes? – Mixed CW, SSB and Digital (only RTTY)

How are the Points? – CW – 6 points, SSB – 4 points, Digital – 2 points

What will you exchange as QSO? – RST and a running sequence number

Power Category – QRP (upto 5 Watts), Low Power (upto 100Watts), High Power (upto 400Watts)


QSOs on Net frequencies during Net times will be considered INVALID
Participants are required to adhere to general frequency guidelines and not cause QRM to other ongoing QSOs etc.
Participants shall submit log in Cabrillo format. Most of the logging programs have this facility today. One suggested logger program is N1MM and one may select CQWPX contest type to generate automatic serial number for example.
QSO with one callsign is considered only once per mode per 2 hour session in total.
i.e. if VU2XYZ makes two SSB QSOs with VU2ABC once on 22nd evening at 8PM and second time on 23rd morning at 7:30 AM, both QSOs are considered for points. Also they can make total 3 QSOs in each 2 hour session. i.e. 1 SSB, 1 CW, 1 Digital and then again next day morning session they can make another 3 similar QSOs.

5. Log submission is deadline is 29th December 11:59 PM IST. Logs should be submitted to contests[at]

6. All logs with 20 valid QSOs will count for digital certificates from ARSI. There will be certificates for each mode toppers as well.

7. Club names can be mentioned in the log. Contest Manager will publish the result with ranking within club if more than one entry from the same club is found.

8. All participants needs to adhere to Power limits of category