QSL Bureau

ARSI  QSL Bureau

The ARSI QSL Bureau is run by Ananth G. Pai (VU2PAI).

The address of the bureau is:

Ananth G. Pai
Post Box 730
Mangalore KA 575 003

Email: qslbureau@arsi.info

The QSL Bureau is available to all VU amateurs.

  • ARSI members need to ensure sufficient balance in their Buro account to pay for shipping costs.
  • Non-ARSI members need to pay an annual fee of INR 100 along with the necessary postage expenses to receive cards. Outgoing services are not provided.

ARSI Buro liaises with other active IARU member societies’ bureaux to enable amateurs to exchange cards economically. The list of active IARU Member Society Bureaux is here: http://www.iaru.org/qsl-bureaus.html


Buro services

  1. The QSL Buro is managed on a voluntary basis and only shipping costs are charged to amateurs. Individual postage costs will be advised by the Buro Manager from time to time depending on the volume of cards received and sent out.
  2. Ensure you have a minimum balance of at least INR 100 against your name.
  3. While there is no extra cost for ARSI Members who may be handling cards for other amateurs or for any special event calls, it is expected that they keep the Buro Manager informed of the list of calls managed by them.
  4. The Buro assumes no responsibility if cards are returned or not delivered for lack of updated information. Kindly update your correct shipping address on sites like QRZ.com or any public call-books.
  5. The QSL Buro will not deliver cards from/to any quasi-bureau which may be run by a group of individuals/clubs not recognised by IARU. See the list of IARU QSL Buros above.
  6. The QSL Buro shipments are done based on the most economical price determined by weight of the shipment. Therefore, cards from/to buros that do not see adequate volumes can experience significant delays. The turnaround time can be more than 1 year.
  7. Cards are forwarded to members at least once annually or the volume of cards accumulated is 150gms, whichever may be earlier.
  8. There can be more than one shipment per year depending on volume of cards received. For any specific shipping arrangements, please get in touch with the Buro Manager directly and help defray any extra expenses that might be incurred on your parcels.
  9. The Buro exists for exchanging cards with overseas stations. Do not send cards for domestic stations, these will be trashed or returned back at the Buro Manager’s discretion.
  10. Do not QSL indiscriminately, especially if you already have an electronic confirmation. Do check with the station in QSO if they need your card or if you really need their card. Buros world-wide are run by volunteers who devote their time sorting cards for other amateurs. Indiscriminate QSLing leads to increased work loads and wastage of Buro resources including volunteers’ time.


QSLing via Buro

  1. Pre-sort your cards based on the DXCC entity prefixes in alphabetical order.
  2. Countries with prefixes having numeral designators for their regions need to be sorted in descending order. For e.g. VK1, VK2, VK3, VK4, etc.
  3. Cards for countries with secondary callsign blocks need to clubbed with the parent callsign block. For e.g.  all cards for UK stations viz. G, GM, GI, GW, MM, MI, MW, M, 2E0 etc. will have to be clubbed with cards starting with G1, G2, G3 and so on.
  4. For cards to stations that are managed by QSL managers, please indicate the route clearly. For e.g. cards for 5R8AL are managed by G3SWH. Your card should clearly state “5R8AL via G3SWH”. This card should be clubbed with other cards for G stations to be forwarded to the RSGB Buro.
  5. Ensure all details on your card are legible and easy to understand for the sorters.