VU2VWN Award

Home-brewing remains a very healthy aspect of the hobby and many VUs have over the years furthered this aspect of the hobby through their kind mentoring. It is no surprise that it continues to thrive even with the relatively easier availability of equipment these days compared to yesteryear. Therefore, ARSI will recognize one Indian amateur every year whose contributions to the art of home-brewing ​have helped others fellow VUs to get on air, or improve their station capability.

ARSI feels the award be named after the late OM Vasanth VU2VWN whose popular VWN QRP design got many VUs to be QRV for the first time.

The award will be called “VU2VWN Award” for significant contributions to the art of home-brewing and experimenting.

Year Awardee Callsign Name
2016 VU2JN Prof. Jayaraman R