Amateur Radio Society Of India (ARSI)

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Amateur Radio Society of India (ARSI)

About ARSI

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The results of the ARSI general elections held on 20th day of August, 2017 in Bangalore was announced by the returning officer.

The following have been declared elected to the posts for the two year period 2017-2019:

President : Mr. Gopal Madhavan, VU2GMN, Chennai
Vice President : Mr Jayant Bhide, VU2JAU, Gwalior
Secretary : Mr. Rajaram K.N., VU2KKZ, Bengaluru
Treasurer : Mr. K.G. Ramesh Kumar, VU2LU, Bengaluru

Governing committee members :

  • Mr. Sanjay Madhavan, VU2SJD, Chennai
  • Mr. G. Saravanan, VU2ETS, Mysuru
  • Dr. Pradeep Bakshi, VU2PCD, Ahmedabad
  • Mr. Govind Girimaji, VU2GGM, Bengaluru
  • Mr. Ramiah Ramchandra, VU2RCR, Bengaluru
  • Mr. Lakshman Bijanki, VU2LBW, Bengaluru
  • Mr. Kiran Padiyar, VU2XE, Bengaluru





The Amateur Radio Society of India (ARSI) is a non-profit public service organization, and is registered under the Indian Societies Registration Act.

ARSI is the IARU recognised national association for amateur radio operators in India and it represents Indian amateur radio interests in various international forums.

Gopal Madhavan VU2GMN, the current President of ARSI, is also the Chairman of the Board of Directors of IARU Region 3. He was elected a Director at the Bangalore Region 3 conference in 2006 and has since been re-elected twice as Director of IARU Region 3, and more recently nominated as Chairman for the second time in 2015.


Our Mission
To promote the general advancement and diffusion of knowledge of science and practice of Electronics and Radio Communication and to facilitate the exchange of information and ideas on these subjects amongst its members. To serve the country at all times to the best of its ability and that of its members, by rendering service in maintaining essential communication in any type of emergency, national or international.

The society has a growing membership from all over India and several amateurs from other countries are also members.